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 Impulse Graphics is now a Media Resources Company

Media Resources operates from our manufacturing HQ out of Oakville, Ontario, along with our 3D and Print division facilities and operational offices in British Columbia and Alberta. Our USA offices are in Atlanta, Arizona, Baltimore, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Charlotte SC, Seattle, Tampa, Salt Lake City, Washington DC, and our overseas China location. Our company maintains an entrepreneurial and dynamic spirit, where team members are encouraged to innovate, achieve, and grow. Media Resources Inc. provides an opportunity to imprint an enduring personal legacy with the displays and experiences we create.


Whatever it takes. Caring is at the core of our values and our client-centric approach to partnership. Impulse Graphic & Display Solutions Inc. is a dedicated provider of in-store retail signage and display solutions. We care about our partners. Our focus is on giving your business the best ROI.

Putting care into our ideas. As an industry leader in customized retail signage and in-store display solutions, our team strives to providing businesses with high quality products and services. Great work starts from within. At Impulse, we believe that empowering employees through excellent opportunities is reflected in the delivery of high levels of client care and service. When you are looking for some ‘care’ in your business’ next project - think of Impulse.




• Impulse Signs Inc. opens and starts to establish itself as a premier menu board company in Canada


• Tim Horton’s and A&W were added as significant clients.


• Impulse Signs Inc. becomes Graphic & Display Solutions Inc. and grows in scope of team and equipment


• Impulse leads with industry first technologies in Canada. Expanding our client services.


Impulse Graphic & Display Solutions, in-store retail signage and display solutions provider is committed to the responsible stewardship of the planet.

We fulfill this commitment by:

  • Developing, implementing and maintaining environmental initiatives.
  • Creating a safe working environment by complying to provincial and local environmental regulations and requirements.
  • Supplying to the best of our capabilities eco-friendly products/solutions.
  • Our ongoing initiatives include:

  • Printing on materials produced from recycled products or materials that can be recycled.
  • Maximizing material yield and consumption with the help of sophisticated software.
  • Recycling leftover materials where ever possible.

  • Creative Solutions in Retail Marketing & Display



    We have the insights and inside info to help you rethink your retail merchandising. A more efficient process can save you dollars, make better use of space and can make your in-store promotions more effective.


    Automated Workflow: reducing pre-media operator time means we can accept larger jobs and turn them around faster, passing the savings on to you.


    We know in-store retail signage and display solutions. The products that we produce are available on practically any type of printable material including plastics, vinyl, metals, magnetics and paper. With a preference for using recyclable materials and sustainable practices, we finish, die cut, warehouse, ship and more.


    Whether you need to clip, frame, stick, hang, support or customize it... we have the know-how and the infrastructure to make it happen. We know what works and what doesn’t. We know what’s available and we can engineer almost anything that’s not.


    End to end logistics: print, kit, assemble, collate, pack, ship and install. And it’s done. Whether operating 5 outlets or 5,000, getting display and merchandising materials to when and where they’re needed is our core competency.

    Production Technology

    INCA Onset flatbed 63"x123"
    Fuji Roll Printer 126"
    Kongsberg iCut Pro 63"x123"
    Fotoba 63"
    Packsize packaging
    Guillotine 140"/64"
    Drytac 60" Hot/Cold laminator

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    Our customers have trusted us for years. We service their national brands with a variety of products for their thriving retail environments. They count on us to create the best possible client engagement.

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